“JREW’s Vision is to be the country’s best company for engineering products and components. Being the best means providing outstanding services to the customers in terms of quality, delivery and price. We will earn this position in our customers’ mind through continual improvement driven by the core values of the JREW people.”


JREW believes in its five core values which are defined by “I CARE”. “I CARE” reflects and works as a call to everyone working at JREW to care for the safety and well being of co-workers, workplace, Customers, Supplier Partners, Bankers, Consultants and the entire society at large. Our founder Chairman Sh. Ram Ratan Agarwal follows the philosophy of “Look beyond Yourself”, and wishes everyone to follow the core values at JREW premises and outside. JREW believes to preserve the Core Values/ Core Purpose of Existence and change Cultural and Operating Practices, Specific Goals and Strategies’I CARE’ stands for, Integrity, Commitment, Aspiration, Responsibility and Environment.


Every successful organization, be it for commercial Every successful organization, be it for commercial purpose or social welfare is built on one basic principle, Integrity. At JREW, everyone, right from our Chairman to a semi-skilled worker is expected to maintain integrity. Every employee has a personal code of conduct in his life that reflects the person’s individual and social values. JREW fosters a culture of integrity and every employee is encouraged to live with this value at work and beyond.


The dictionary meaning of commitment is ‘to show loyalty towards duty’. Commitment is one value without which no organization can succeed in the long term. We at JREW are committed to producing high quality goods, reducing costs, increasing efficiency, delivering on time, improving and modernising the workplace, uplifting socio-economic status of the workers as well as doing our bit for the society and our environment. At JREW we are committed to everyone’s success.


At JREW we value aspiration and understand that it is only dreams and aspirations that help an individual, an organization and the two of them to grow together.However, aspirations never end and it is a continuous, lifelong process of raising the bar every time a goal has been achieved. We appreciate this quality in our employees and have also ensured that JREW as a whole too follows this principle in a holistic manner. Our aspirations are based on SWOT analysis and it is what helps us improve the workplace every day in terms of efficiency, safety standards, production capacity, economy and other parameters.


Responsibility is a trait that has to be developed over a period of time. At JREW we understand that the responsibility for products, delivery and quality lies in the hands of the decision makers. However, in order to ensure highest quality products every time, we have ensured that every employee at JREW takes a certain role and owns up the responsibility for the same. This division of decision making process makes an employee not just responsible for a task but more mature in his outlook and an indispensible part of the organisation.


At JREW we are committed towards improving our environment in whichever way possible. We regularly organize tree planting drives, awareness programs for conservation of energy and water and their benefits. JREW is also committed to reduce its load on the grid and utilize renewable source of energy like solar power. We are coming up with a 100 KW solar enrgy power plant at our latest unit in Faridabad, Haryana which will meet not just our own energy needs but will also feed power to the main grid.