Your employee of the month. Robust. Reliable. Tireless manoeuvrability. Perfect for medium to heavy loads and high stacking.

3.2 mts - 6.1 mts

1200 Kg - 1500 Kg



Muscular. Affordable stackers with a small footprint. Perfect for stacking jobs in medium-sized warehouses and infrequent use.

3.6 mts - 6.3 mts

500 Kg - 1500 Kg



Goodbye to the old hand pallet trucks. Solid metal build, made for heavy-duty applications. Ideal for most pallet transportation tasks.

2000 Kg



The simple, elegant, no bells-and-whistles pallet transportation solution. Reliable construction that will last a lifetime.

1000 Kg

Warehouses are indispensable for businesses that rely on the storage and distribution of products. To maximise the use of vertical space, it is essential to consider stacking solutions.

Pallet stacking is one of the most popular solutions for warehouses, as it facilitates the storage and transportation of products in a simple and efficient manner. Pallets are flat platforms made of wood, plastic, or metal that are used to transport and store products. Pallets can be stacked easily, producing vertical storage space that can be used to maximize floor space.

A popular and efficient instrument for stacking pallets is an electric pallet stacker. Stacker machines are designed to move pallets throughout a warehouse and stack them vertically, allowing for simpler access to goods stored on higher shelves. These devices are electrically powered and come in a variety of sizes and capacities, making them ideal for all sizes of warehouses.

The maneuverability of a stacker machine allows it to navigate narrow aisles and confined spaces. They are also highly efficient, as they can lift and stack multiple pallets simultaneously, reducing the time and effort required to transport products throughout the warehouse. In addition, many electric pallet stackers include safety features like automatic brakes and emergency stop controls, making them a safe and dependable option for warehouses.

When selecting the best stacker machines, it is essential to consider your warehouse’s specific requirements. The optimal model for your requirements will be determined by factors such as the weight and size of the pallets you will be moving, the height of the shelves you will be stacking them on, and the amount of available space.

Overall, pallet stacking solutions and electric pallet stackers can maximise the vertical space utilisation in warehouses. By investing in the appropriate equipment and storage systems, businesses can expand their storage capacity, optimise their operations, and ultimately increase their bottom line.