JREW Engineering is always committed to its promise of saving and conserving the environment. In order to strengthen this promise, we have made policies and follow them stringently to have a least impact on our surrounding environment.


We formulate and conduct our activities in a manner that keep us close to the nature. From design to development of our machinery / equipment we keep a close track of activities and make them adhere to our policies of environment protection.

Our disposal processes are also considerate of the same policies. Overall, we strive to provide clean and safe products that care about the environment even when they are used in the market. Our procurement processes are also focused on the same principles and we use products that are environment friendly and

We yearn to provide and follow same set of standards all through our manufacturing units. We enforce these policies and values through an internal audit of our manufacturing units and ensure full compliance.

Not only with in our manufacturing units we follow the practices to protect the environment,

we also create social awareness about conserving the natural resources and utilizing them properly.

We are laying a special emphasis on reducing the carbon footprints and improve the natural balance between the mankind and environment. We are encouraging our employees as well as the general public to use shared transportation as much as possible and become a partner in saving the environment. Not only this we are also participating in activities like planting new trees. We take our responsibility of doing our part for the environment very seriously and will keep on doing our part to save the environment.